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Book of the Day: Helen — Helen focuses on a woman whose street smarts and innate talents led her to a vital, off-screen California role. Read More:

Book of the Day: The Charm Buyers — The Charm Buyers is a thought-provoking insight into a time of cultural change. Read More:

Book of the Day: The Mercy of the Tide — Mysterious goings-on permeate a small town in this chilling novel. Read More:

Written in the language of the road—hopeful, curious, and open—Jonathan Arlan’s book encompasses both traveling mishaps and unexpected treats. Read More:

Book of the Day: Suckle — Suckle is an ambitious look at the decisions made by a man struck with an extraordinary talent. Read More:

Book of the Day: Thirteen Shells — This wise, moving ode to an era turns the pain of growing up with divorce into a hopeful journey. Read More:

Book of the Day: Earth As It Is — Both loving and heartbreaking, Earth As It Is lends a new perspective to an ongoing dialogue. Read More:

Book of the Day: We the People: Stories from the Community Rights Movement in the United States — This emboldening book will equip movements to fight for community rights. Read More:

Book of the Day: Painless — On the day that seventeen-year old Quinn’s father dies, Quinn is hit by a car. The accident is minor, but Quinn feels no pain—he never does. Read More:

Do social media connect us, or result in distorted views of those we know? While conducting research for The Happiness Effect (Oxford University Press), Donna Freitas traveled the country talking to college students about their experiences with social media. Read More: