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Awesome Manly Gift Ideas

Awesome Manly Gift Ideas

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The Twister spaghetti fork is a cutlery classic, with a twist. This design aims to take the frustration out of the act of eating slippery Italian pasta.

The Dash Co. Premium Slim Wallet helps to keep your bulk to an absolute minimum. Carry what you need and access it easily.

The Isooak Slim Wood Wallet takes the popular metal plate wallet design and replaces the metal plates with 2 beautiful pieces of wooden sheets.

A modern take on the washboard, the 3-minute Wash Bag is designed with hundreds of tiny bumps on the inside

The Garmin Approach S6, ($400) is an invaluable piece of wearable tech that will help you up your golf game and give you the lay of the land. Since it’s made by Garmin, you’ve probably already guessed that it’s got GPS technology.

The Portable Picnic table quickly transforms from a wooden carrying case into an outdoor table. It is made of high impact wood and aluminum, but weighs only 15 pounds. It can seat four people, then compactly folds for easy storage and transport. Ideal for anyone who loves the outdoors.

Uber users can now summon an UberBOAT to ferry them across the Bosphorus river, which in case you didn’t know, divides the city of Istanbul’s Asian and European coasts.

Unveiled this week, the Chuck II’s changes are mostly on the inside, with the express purpose of improving comfort and wearability. The new Chucks have a nice Nike Lunarlon sock liner for increased cushiness (in case you forgot, Nike bought Converse in 2003), plus a padded non-slip tongue and a perforated micro-suede lining that wicks away moisture, for increased breathability.

This sleek Gerber GDC Money Clip, capably housing its nimble blade within a 3.6- inch body, stows easily in a pocket, keeping you and your cash safe.

Unique cufflinks

The Lily Camera is the world's first throw and shoot camera that flies and automatically follows you while filming incredible HD video or taking 12MP stills.


“Mathematics” features a circle-like structure on the top that is measured to the golden ratio. This contains holes that fit the users’ hand, as opposed to a smaller and larger hole in a standard pair of scissors.

The Tyni Wallet is designed with pockets to meet everyday needs, while maintaining the appearance and quality of a high end wallet.

A portable UV water purifier during the day, and a useful camping light at night is what Bottlelight is all about.

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The Vintage Steampunk Cufflinks with Functioning Watch Movement are a pair of men's cuff links with working watch mechanisms embedded in them.

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Bathing With Karim Rashid. His New TV Tub & Bath Collections For Saturn Bath. - if it's hip, it's here

Uamp, a tiny amplifier that turns your regular music into a hi-end audio. A beautifully designed product that will surely catch your eyes.

Treat your headphones with the Bluelounge Posto ($20.00).

Can't keep up with cleaning sinks and tubs? Bright cheeky strainer is right there to scoop the waste, and you don't even have to touch it!

The APEX Wallet is a slim, minimal, modern wallet precision machined from a solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum.

This year’s Pirelli Calendar features the usual, minxy suspects, like Adriana Lima and Isabeli Fontana, and we never get mad about looking at them.

Check out the Kendrick Lamar X Reebok Ventilator “Paperwhite” Sneakers ($125).

Streaks App - Choose up to six tasks you’d like to turn into regular habits, like flossing, eating your veggies, or learning Cantonese. Every time you complete one of your tasks, your “Streak” is extended, and after a while, your new behavior is a full-blown habit you can’t live without.

The Yerka bike is a prototype that uses its own parts to secure it to large objects like trees or posts.With the Yerka bike, however, the thief would have to break essential parts of the bike, rendering it useless.