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    This ingenious stapleless stapler guarantees you'll never run out of staples again!

    Airstream and Pendleton team up for a limited edition travel trailer. Details at if it's hip, it's here.

    The ChargeOriginal 90 is built with a connector at a 90 degree angle to prevent severe bending. So whether you’re lazing on the couch or lying in bed, you can rest your device comfortably against your body, the pillow, or whatnot without worrying about damaging the wire.

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    Loving 50 Cent's special Super Bowl 50 Effen Vodka bottle and gift pack.

    The best links to all the 2016 super bowl ads, live tweets, polls and more - if it's hip, it's here

    "There’s nothing quite like the subtle satisfaction of reaching between your couch cushions and pulling out change you didn’t know you had. Lost in Sofa: The Storage Sofa by Huzi Design takes the idea of rifling into the dark crevices of your furniture for lost treasures and multiplies it by ten. "

    The gadget is essentially half the size of your standard pair of binoculars. It really is the perfect size to slip into your travelling pocket for easy access, and is made of a lightweight polycarbonate material. This means no more frantically digging through your bag, or weighing down your neck with heavy binoculars.

    The Core Bundle Blanket ensures that you’ll never have to awkwardly pull and wrap your blankets around your exposed shoulder line again. The lightweight blanket attaches to your pillow to cover your shoulder line and core, maintaining body heat throughout the night, which ultimately gives you a more comfortable sleep. It also features angled side gussets so that the blanket moves with you as you shift from side to side.

    Kingii is worn on the wrist like a big black cuff. By simply pulling on the silver handle, a large orange balloon is inflated and it will pull your body to surface of the water. There’s a compass built into the device as well as a whistle to call for

    Active wear has become increasingly sophisticated over the past decade, and SilverAir odorless socks and shirts are the next step in that evolution. These socks will keep your feet feeling fresh throughout your long days – or weeks.

    Cortica is the solution to the problem of wanting to carry the fragile porcelain mugs from home and not having them break.

    The USB ChargeDoubler is the solution to these inconvenient problems. It is lightweight, compact, and charges your phone twice as fast as a standard USB cable.

    This kevlar protection backpack is intended to protect people living in countries where personal safety is not a guarantee.

    The Smart Dog Toy is a treat puzzle toy that mentally stimulates your dog. The dog must push the toy around until a treat comes out of a suitable opening. Begin with smaller treats, then insert larger treats for a challenge. In addition to being fun and educational, the toy also looks great within the home.

    The Fabric Razor Saver elongates the life of any disposable razor blade, saving money and reducing waste. By stroking the blade along the denim, it becomes sharper and lasts longer. The leather head is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also acts as a hook. Simply roll-up for travel or to store when not in use.

    50 Bespoke NFL Footballs by Fashion Designers are up for auction, ending Feb 14, 2016 - www.ifitshipitshe...

    The Slim Minimalist Wallet can hold 5-7 cards, 5 banknotes and 1 key. The wallet is only 5mm wide, but features organized compartments to ensure that everything remains secure and organized. It also includes a pull-tab so that users can easily access their cards. Available in both leather and nylon styles.

    PLAY WITH MY BOOBS: A Titstacular Activity Book for Adults

    The Natural Fruit Infuser quickly transforms your water, juice and alcoholic beverages. Simply place your favorite natural ingredients into the infuser and use the muddler to smash them up. Its compact design allows you to use it in pitchers, water bottles, sippy cups and more.

    The prominent and unique feature about the carry-on backpack is its innovative shelving unit, collapsible into the back and capable of storing a week’s worth of clothing.

    The Senz windproof umbrellas won't invert or break even if you go skydiving with them!

    The Tactical BBQ Apron

    The Nawrap Persimmon Bathmat is naturally anti-odor and contains no dyes or chemicals. The Japanese-made mat is beautifully colored with persimmon extract. The material is also incredibly absorbent, breathable and quick to dry.