Two Medicine Lake, Montana (Manish Mamtani)

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family of bears


More Iceland


Waterspouts over the ocean at sunset

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Giant Swirl At Crater Lake National Park, Oregon by Pierre Leclerc

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Monument Valley, Utah

Remote Utah Enclave Becomes New Battleground Over Reach of U.S. Control

"Superbloom" of wild flowers, Death Valley, CA

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Wild cherry trees in Nara, Japan

桜百景 - 写真共有サイト:PHOTOHITO

Goblin Valley State Park - Green River, UT

Goblin Valley State Park


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Bryce Canyon, Utah.


Mt. Pinatubo, before, during, and after eruption. I remember seeing the huge volcano cloud from a distance. I got to experience a historical geological event.

24 Shocking Before-After Photos You Won't Believe Are Real

Fumacinha Waterfall - Chapada Diamantina National Park - Brazil

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Frozen waves in Antarctica

Frozen wave in Antarctica

Bigfin reef squid

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Devil's Tower, Wyoming

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Forget the Platypus: The Echidna Is the True Champ of Weird

Absurd Creature of the Week: Forget the Platypus. The Echidna Is the True Champ of Weird | WIRED

Waimanu Valley, Hawaii

Big Island Page

National geographic, 1981..awesome how you can see the pattern of the wind in the water's surface

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Light Show by Mark Metternich

Light Show

Fall Creek Falls, TN by Mark Leckington (taken February 17, 2015)

Fall Creek Falls, TN

Grímsvötn - Iceland

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The San Diego Zoo mournes the death of Angalifu, one of the last northern white rhinos in existence. Only five remain on earth.

all creatures [great and small]

Devils Tower, WY

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Sublim-ратура: Passo Sella, ItalyHans Крузе P.s. want to make money online?

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