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An Irish educational publishing company producing innovative textbooks for second-level students. We get particularly excited about poetry and Shakespeare.
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ROMEO and JULIET Poster Shakespeare quote Literature by Redpostbox

ROMEO and JULIET Poster Shakespeare quote Literature by Redpostbox - Romeo and Juliet had wretched conflict-resolution skills, but their words were chosen by a master's hand.

Mary Saunderson (1637–1712), later known as Mary Saunderson Betterton after her marriage to Thomas Betterton, was an actress and singer in England during the 1660s and 1690s. She is considered one of the first English actresses, being the first woman to play many of Shakespeare's female characters onstage.

On this day in history-On 1660 English actress Mary Saunderson is the first actress to perform a female part in a Shakespeare stage in England. She played Juliet, Lady Macbeth and Ophelia

Illustration, T.S. Eliot Quote, Coffee - Fine Art Print

Life measured out with coffee spoons, one for each cup I have drunk, woven into a sort of table cloth. Wherever you are in your own love affair with coffee, take pride in the fact that you are in the company of giants like Mr.

Prologue - Romeo and Juliet

Take the prologue andhave them write it into a shape at the end. Discuss themes and symbolism and why they chose that shape-short paragraph

Baldwin Wallace University BW's Imaginative Retelling of Hamlet

Baldwin Wallace University is a liberal arts-based undergraduate, graduate and pre-professional institution located in Berea, Ohio.