lighthouse leaning in the German coastal town of Warnemunde

Leaning Lighthouse in the coastal town of Warnemunde, Germany

The image is focused more on the pebbles and the boat and bright ocean in the background is pretty.

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Built long ago, this lighthouse was abandoned, then they tried to restore it but finally it ended up like this. Now it is cosidered to be closed, and one can only get to it on low tide risking his ...

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Old boat made as a swing bed - 13 DIY Repurposed Boats Ideas [This would be awesome as a porch swing/bed - the perfect cozy place to nap, read a book, daydream.

A pair of divers explore the wreck of the Giannis D (originally Shoyo Maru) on the Abu Nuhas reef, Strait of Gubal, Red Sea, Egypt. By British photographer Alex Mustard. He's travelled the world snapping pictures of wrecked ships lying on the sea bed.