Four Seasons Private Jet

Four Seasons is your ticket to the world’s most fascinating destinations. Travel the globe aboard the custom-designed Four Seasons Jet, enjoying personalized itineraries and exceptional service at every point of the journey, as well as custom activities that empower you to follow your passions.
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Travel by private jet to legendary destinations at every corner of the globe, with Four Seasons as your guide.

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Toast your travels with Dom Pérignon, the icon of luxury champagne. Dom Pérignon is always vintage only, made only with the very best grapes of the most exceptional years. As the exclusive Champagne provider aboard the Private Jet, passengers will enjoy the latest vintage from one of the world’s finest wine makers.

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"Four Seasons Private Jet seats are designed by Iacobucci, a favorite Italian craftsman, and the seats slide smoothly and quietly from sitting upright to lying flat at a touch of a button. Tray tables are topped in dark shellacked wood, with a roomy surface that can easily handle a heavy laptop or formally set, three-course meal."
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Bvlgari toiletries are provided for all Four Seasons Private Jet guests. "Women’s kits come in a white bag and include hand cream, lip balm, refreshing towels, face emulsion cleanser, hand sanitizer, breath mints, and a dental kit. The men's kits, in black, are essentially the same with the addition of aftershave balm and gel. Each comes with a soft and pillowy black-and-gold sleeping mask, as well."
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The luxurious private jet experience would not be complete without five-star dining. Using only the freshest ingredients and catering to any personal dietary needs, a dedicated Four Seasons chef travels with you and carefully designs in-flight menus that incorporate culinary influences from around the world. During your stay at each unique Four Seasons destination, the hotel or resort’s executive chef continues the epicurean adventure with expertly crafted menus and wine pairings.

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"There are, at minimum, 21 hotel-trained crew and staff on board each Four Seasons flight, including three pilots, two engineers, a "journey manager" (travel coordinator), a concierge, and an executive chef. A physician and a photographer also come along, when adventurous itineraries—such as diving the Maldives' coral reefs or game watching in the Serengeti—require it."
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Introducing the all-new Four Seasons Jet – because the journey should be as exceptional as the destination.

Four Seasons Private Jet Experience