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Tutorial: Loki's Scepter part 1 by *nooby-banana on deviantART

About Me I'm a third year student at the Ringling College of Art and Design, majoring in Computer Animation. After I graduate I'm hoping to get a job at some major studio like Pixar, Disney, Dreamw.

Epic NERD CRAFT!! This one takes some mad skill and time, but its awesome DIY Loki's Scepter (Avengers) - Waoooo // WHOOOOA!!! It's gorgeous! And it was so weird - the other day, literally as soon as I woke up, my brain was planning how you would go about making one of these with a dowel, cardboard, and paper maché. I was like, "Seriously, brain? I haven't even gotten up yet!"

Making Loki's Sceptor / Staff from the Avengers. (Crazy cool instructions for building this, but lots of great ideas for constructing staffs in general for cosplay purposes!) since this is cosplay I'm puttin it on my cosplay/anime board