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Amazing behind-the-scenes pictures of the 1981 royal wedding

Diana carries her youngest bridesmaid, 5-yr. old Clementine Hambro, through Buckingham Palace after the wedding.


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Chris LeDoux I must have seen him at least 4 or 5 times. Would go every time he came close!

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Picture of Chris Ledoux I really miss him. I have to be in the right mood now to listen to his music....

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Based on "The Big Clock": Naval officer Farrell (Kevin Costner) has an affair with Susan (Sean Young) and it ends in jealous violence. Farrell is assigned to investigate the death (and cover up evidence of his involvement). The real killer is a Defense Secretary (Gene Hackman), but Farrell's prints are overwhelming and are more likely to get him in trouble.

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Fred Thompson, while he is probably more famous for his role on Law & Order, than his career as a Senator, Fred Thompson was the inspiration for FBI Bureau Chief John Novak, Agent Fletcher and Agent Hollick's boss in, The Alex Hollick FBI Series (Part One: The Bloodbath Ritual) Thompson matches Novak to a tee in terms of looks, a southern accent and speech patterns based on his acting career.

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