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Hara Donuts in Kobe, Japan: WHAT IF you had the entire front of the shop As a gigantic glass garage door that converts to an open space/walk up space/elevated table space?

鎌倉に突如現れる。 自転車ケーキ屋さんの"こだわり"に幸せをもらう人続出中 | by.S

鎌倉に突如現れる。 自転車ケーキ屋さんの"こだわり"に幸せをもらう人続出中 | by.S A Social Sorority Marketplace of Women Owned Business's

Cute little shop. In my next life, I will own this adorable little shop and take my babies and dogs to work with me every day and paint furniture all day in peace, lol. Okay maybe I& just continue to do anesthesia.