Camp out in the back of a truck in the middle of nowhere - Things to do before I die - Bucket List

 If I am ever convinced to go on one  :)

BUCKET LIST: kiss at the top of a ferris wheel I've only been on one wheel with my hubby before, and it was before we were married so he wouldn't kiss me at the top. We need to revisit the top of the wheel

someday :)

Project: I have always wanted to travel in a limo. It's cool because people always are fascinated by who is in the limo. I would want to go in a limo with friends. It would be a lot of fun!


Have a fancy houses may be is the dream for some people. A big house or fancy house to live with family happy forever is the dream

 For my children

Build a treehouse. I always wanted one as a kid but never had one so it would be cool to build one with my kids.


Be a bridesmaid. Done for one of my best friends weddings. I've always dreamed of being a bridesmaid.

dear future man in my life...lets!

A must for anyone’s bucket list, fill a truck bed with pillows and blankets and go stargazing . Stargaze - pillows - bucket list - truck - blankets - life - before I die - love - live -

 This Year and every year after :)

-kiss someone I love on new years. Best way to start the year. First kiss I've ever had on New Years. The love of my life.

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