Steven Fox

Steven Fox

I'm a fox Mustang nut case. Love these 79-93 Mustangs and starting a blog/mag about them.
Steven Fox
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Classics-Inspired Fox Mustang Graphics

See different variations of the fox body Mustang graphics inspired from the classics. This infographic could help inspire you for the next paint job.

Reluctant Revolutionary: History of the Fox Body Ford Mustang - Motor Trend WOT

Complete Story of the Special Edition Fox Mustangs

Learn about the special factory edition fox body Mustangs such as the SVO, Feature Cars and the Cobra fox Mustangs. Part 1 of a 3 part series.

The Complete Fox Body Mustang Story

The complete Fox Body Mustang story from 1979 to what makes them all unique and things you may not have known about the Fox Mustang.

My top 5 list for owning a Fox Mustang

Here's another list for owning a fox body Mustang. These Mustangs are from 1979 to 1993 based on the Fox platform - many reasons to own one.

What’s the best cam for my 5.0?

What is the best cam for my Fox Mustang? This article sets out to help you answer that question and point you to the right direction.

Fox Mustang Television Commercials

An interesting collection of fox Mustang TV commercials right out of the and

My Personal Project – 87 Notch!

My personal fox notchback restoration - 87 LX no option, AC and Radio Delete car, factory black with smoke grey interior - getting fully restored!

All I know about the GT40 intakes

Learn everything there is to know about the style intakes from the tubular Explorer intakes to the Cobra style intakes.

Electric Fan for Your Fox

How to install and wire an electric fan on your fox Mustang - this is a different article and will help you install it properly - stay cool!

Upgrade the SN95 brakes to Cobra/Mach1

Learn how to upgrade to Cobra, or Bullet big bakes on your already 5 lug converted fox body.

1993 Triple White ‘vert – Dennis Collins Collection of Foxes

1993 Triple White ‘vert – Dennis Collins Collection of Foxes

How to sell your fox

We all go through this - having to sell our fox body! This article will help set you up for success and get the best money for your fox!