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Loving Life One Gluten Free Day At A Time

By taking the charger away, they will not want to use their electronic devices to save battery. By not using it, this might encourage outside activity, increased chance of chores and homework getting done, etc. AND when the electronic device finally dies, they get their charger back - suggestion.

Food Additives & Hyperactivity in Children

They Certainly Can't Help Me With My Homework

internet memes - I Don't Need to Remember Pikachu's Weaknesses Right Now

This kid who mastered the art of peaceful protest. | 21 Kids Who Refused To Play Along With The Teacher's "Rules"

had to pin this in honor of all of the papers I wrote in one night, half of them I didn't even do a final read through - and the ones I read at 4 am (which robably were not much better off)

procrastinating on homework im going to procrastinate feeding you

Not quite what the parents had in mind... although technically acceptable!

I'm not a big fan of homework time ... or homework ... do that at school, that's why I send him there. :P

Homework- We all have that moment of panic, like OH MY GOD I DIDN'T DO MY HOMEWORK ON THE WEEKEND!!!