Breitling HE has one of these and I had no idea how expensive these are!!

Breitling Navitimer - "black is beautiful"! Oh, now this would look so hot on my boyfriend Shawn~OH HELL YA~

charlie hunnam sons of anarchy | Charlie Hunnam♥ - Sons Of Anarchy Photo (25476883) - Fanpop fanclubs

Jax or better. Image detail for -Charlie Hunnam♥ - Sons Of Anarchy Photo - Fanpop fanclubs

Idris Elba

A fine man in a suit to women is like a Victoria's Secret model in lingerie to men. Let's not even start talking about how gorgeous this man is!

Lance Gross, the epitome of handsome!

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jay z

Jay-Z was crowned "The King" for 2011 in the GQ Men of the Year rankings. Joining Jay-Z on the magazine's list were "Breakout" Michael

Opie (Ryan Hurst) from Sons of Anarchy

Opie (Ryan Hurst) - Sons of Anarchy. Was and always will be my favourite biker boy.

TI swagger

The Urban Dictionary defines Fedora as…One of the coolest hats known to man Worn by business men, Indiana Jones, and private detectives – All of which have legendary levels…

Eric Decker, Denver Broncos he looks better with his hair like that

Eric Decker is a gay man's fantasy. His shirtless pictures are ridiculously hot and the he is built like an Adonis. See his shirtless pics and read