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    Foy's Pigeon Supplies
    Foy's Pigeon Supplies
    Foy's Pigeon Supplies

    Foy's Pigeon Supplies

    Foy's Pet Supplies has been serving the pigeon industry since 1887 supplying pigeon and chicken products. 1.877.355.7727 |

    Foy's has been providing pigeon and pet supplies since 1887. Find feeders, cages, medications, cleansers, pigeon bands, bedding, lofts, baskets, perches, vaccines, wormers, and more. We provide the best quality and customer service and we are the oldest and larges pigeon supply company around.

    Is this a real pigeon or a pigeon figurine?

    This is truly a "must have" book for anyone that shows pigeons or breeds fancy pigeons and wants to know what their breeds should look like. This is a large, loose leaf book. When you purchase the book, you are registered, and future updates will be mailed to you. The book is very well thought out and is hundreds of pages. It has tab dividers which are labeled for you to go directly to the breed you are looking for. Sections include: Wattle Pigeons, Croppers and Pouters, Color Pigeons, Owls and

    The most expensive pigeon in the world was sold to a wealthy Chinese buyer, who shelled out $200,000 at a Belgium auction for a highly pedigreed racing pigeon. Known as Blue Prince, this ‘designer’ pigeon seems a breed apart from the plump, trash-foraging birds commonly seen in urban parks. Currently living out his retirement on a Chinese roof top, Blue Prince is no longer expected to race, but was purchased to breed more speedy champions like himself.

    offer the ceramic crafts TC-010(pigeon) Discount

    Biblical references The first biblical reference to the pigeon (or dove) was in the Old Testament of the Bible in the first millennium AC and was the story of Noah and the dove of peace.

    Panting in Racing Pigeons – When Is It Normal and When Is It Not, Part 4

    Mike Tyson — Pigeons Iron Mike Tyson may have a tough exterior, but this fighter has a soft spot for his pet pigeons. He used to keep pigeons as pets as a child, and even had his first fight at age 11 when a bully ripped off the head of one of his pigeons.  Tyson also has a reality show about pigeon racing, which he does as a hobby with childhood friends.

    Panting in Racing Pigeons – When Is It Normal and When Is It Not, Part 4

    Advantages: This amazing natural performance and recuperation  enhancer includes a multitude of the latest natural performance enhancing elements in perfect balance to ensure the absolute maximal performance during the race as well as recovery after the race.

    A heavy duty, plastic feeder that has an insert that creates 3 individual compartments. One for grit, another for minerals, and a third for pickstones or a product of your choice. Remove the divider and have a drinker or feeder. 8" wide x 9" high.

    A really handy small drinker with the added benefit of an upper tank that is clear. This clear tank allows you to know exactly how much liquid is left without having to handle it. Ideal for use in individual cages, breeding boxes, or "sick bay". Finger hole in the top allows you to carry with ease. #pigeon supplies

    Thermo Cube thermostatically controls your electrical outlets. There is no installation required. Just plug it in. Thermo Cube is a unique and patented electrical device. They plug into a standard 15 amp electrical outlet which turns the power on automatically according to outside temperature. We offer two models each with a different temperature range. Each Thermo Cube has two receptacles for use with more than one electrical device rated 15 amps. Runs your unit only when necessary.

    These "olde world" heavy clay bowls have been in use for centuries. The clay holds body weight and keeps the eggs and young warm. They are 9 1/2" in diameter and 2 1/4" deep. Vent holes in the bottom. Works well with the Belgium nest pad.

    The Solar Nite Eyes employs LED technology. The red LED's flash automatically at night and have a lifespan of 50,000 plus hours and there is never a need to change bulbs. The Solar Nite Eyes protect against fox, cougar, bobcat, mink, coyotes, skunk, owls, hawks and more! The Solar Nite Eyes have a life expectancy of 3 years and measures 4" x 1 3/4" x 1" high. It is magnetic and will attach to a metal door and serves the added benefits of making people think you have an alarm system.

    Long-strand fiber is essential for digestive health and function. By giving your pet Hay Cakes, you provide long-strand fiber for rabbits, guinea pigs, prairie dogs, chinchillas and other small herbivores. Provides a compact, nutritious hay source while preserving the flavor and aroma of 100% fresh timothy hay. Compact and easy to feed. Great for travel and for people with allergies by keeping dust and pollen at a manageable level. Great exercise for their teeth.

    Outstanding odor control combined with superior absorbency. Dust-free, gentle and flushable. Litter is environmentally safe. Recommended by rabbit breeders and Vets.

    Value priced wood chews, perfectly priced for small pets. Pre-drilled to fit on Treat-K-Bob. 12 pieces.

    Manufactured with a medium hard galvanized wire alloyed especially for welding. The cage is the fi nest and strongest coop manufactured. Includes cup holders. Useful in training the animal to be used to being in a show cage and to house your animal temporarily during an illness for quarantine. 21" x 21" x 21" compartments. Made with swinging partition so cage can be converted to one pen. Full length of cage is 45". Does not include a floor.

    Adjustable to fit aquariums, wire or wood cages. Protects bottles for use inside cages. Premium galvanized steel. Heavey duty construction, deluxe spring bottle holder full cap protection. Fits most brands of water bottles.

    The standard pulleys are used when one of the VSB units is to operate several sliding gates or the unit and the sliding gate are not optimally positioned near each other.

    The light sensor is an optional accessory that is required when the VSB is to be installed inside the poultry house. The outside light sensor is mounted outside the poultry house and then connected to the VSB by a cable.

    You can close it at your convenience or set a time for it to close automatically. The unit will lift a door weighing up to 7 pounds! The door lift moves 1 inch per 5 seconds. Should you choose to use your own door, the 1 year warranty will not be honored. If the doorkeeper / timer is altered in any way, your warranty will be voided. Batteries not included.

    This accessory for the electronic doorkeeper allows for one to three VSBs to be opened and closed at set times. This quartz controlled and dust tight timer is used when the electronic doorkeeper and sliding gate of the poultry house are to be opened and closed at set times. For example opening at a set time and closing at dusk. The unit uses 2AA batteries. $83.95

    Foy’s travels to many shows every year and at these shows, we are always looking for products that fanciers have had success with and highly recommend. Squab Formula is such a product and is a must for any serious fancier. This product is for those who hand raise their young pigeons, or perhaps the parents can not or will not feed a newborn. Use this formula from day one to 7 to 14 days. (7 days for smaller breeds, up to 14 days for larger breeds.)

    Aluminum bands for cage birds. A choice of colors and sizes. Red, Blue, Green, Gold and Silver. These bright aluminum bands are not seamless but are spread open to apply.

    A conversation piece that visitors and friends will get a chuckle out of. Corrugated weather resistant. Great as a gift! 16 1/2” x 16 12” diamond shape. Available in the following animal versions: Pigeon, Rat, Chicken, Rabbit, Ferret, Canary, Parakeet and Parrot.