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Dire Wolf

Random Radness 747

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Colorful Parrot

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wild cat

Stained Predator


Mamma Black Panther with cub #animal #nature #black #mother #bigcats #cub

The very rare Harpy Eagle has enjoyed a long stay at the World Bird's of Prey Center as the center helps to increase their numbers thru captive breeding.

tigers, beautiful creatures, creation, growl, ferocious, animals, big cats, stripes, black and white, close ups, wildlife, sharp teeth, furry

Beautiful creatures! The bison/buffalo was hunted to near extinction in the U.S. by hunters and ranchers in the 1800s. The icon of the West is making a modest comeback in parks and safe zones, but ranchers have zero tolerance for the animals and shoot them on sight when they leave Yellowstone National Park. #bison #buffalo #Yellowstone

Last night I dreamt a leopard walked in my back door. The door was wide open (as it usually is) to let the outside breeze in. I was in the kitchen making a snack when the large cat and I made eye contact. I wasn't afraid of her, nor was she afraid of me. We just looked at each other as if we both were wondering how the other got there. She was beautiful yet I thought how strange it was that this majestic wild cat had just strolled inside like she was a regular. -JLS "To see a wild leopard in your dream suggests that you will eventually overcome your difficulties through persistence. Alternatively, dreaming of a leopard means that you are who you are, just like a leopard can't change its spots."

The best pet supplies,services and huge veterinary discounts for your #dog #cat #puppy #kitten #companion

Blue Eyes