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    Florent Peyre
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    Florent Peyre

    Florent Peyre

    @casahop Prez, ex-Gilt, advisor for a couple of NY startups and incubators, dad, cyclist and surfer, affirmed geek

    Consider losing weight? You wont believe how well it works! Its free to try until the end of the month!

    Consider losing weight? You wont believe how well it works! Its free to try until the end of the month!

    Laurent Perrier Grand Siecle

    Chateau Cantemerle - Haut Medoc 2009

    Chateau Dourcas Hosten - Medoc 2005

    Demolition by Goose Island - Apparently named so because of the demolition happening nearby the brewery when they came up with this one. Belgian-style golden ale, 7.2%, refreshing while still full of character (despite that brewery now being part of Budweiser)

    Dogfish Head - Theobroma (aka "Food of the Gods") American ale brewed with natural flavors like honey, cocoa nibs and ancho chilie. Makes a really crisp blonde with long, malted finish. 9% alc.

    Chateau Clerc Milon - Grand Cru Classe de Pauillac - 2002 Very strong and vivid Bordeaux, extremely delicate, a great way to clise our trip to France

    Volnay 1er Cru Clos des Angles - Olivier Leflaive - 2006 From one of my favorite Burgundy producer, this Volnay is perfectly aged. Very strong nose and smooth finish

    Champagne Chartogne-Taillet - Chemin de Reims Extra Brut A Wine from one of the up and coming Champagne wine maker, very dense, light bubble, perfect to start a meal

    1er Cru de Chassagne Montrachet Les Chaumees - Chateau de Pommard - 2005 Perfectly aged burgundy from one amazing producer - surprisingly fruity

    Chateau Suduiraut - Sauternes 1988 Surprisingly enough, that wine still had a fair amount of acidity in it, hinting at the ability to keep it for another few years. Really smooth finish

    L'Esprit de Chevallier - Pessac Leognan 2008 Clearly too young to be opened just yet but still a very solid bottle

    Chateau de Fieuzal - White Pessac Leognan (Bordeaux) - 2005 One of my favorite white Pessac, extremely mineral, long en bouche and very elegant

    Duvel Rustica by Ommegang Brewery First incarnation of the Duvel name on an Ommegang bottle (even though Duvel bought the brewery for some time now). This a light in taste, strong in alcohol (8.6%) golden ale, a little more bitter than you would expect for a belgian-inspired ale.

    Dogfish Head - Namaste One of the lightest in taste from Dogfish. It's a wheat ale brewed with coriander and orange, with a normal alcohol level (5%). Could be a dessert beer...

    River Horse - Belgian Freeze. A seasonal one from my favorite brewery. Freeze it does if you drink it too fast (8%). Really good dark belgian ale - go drink it next to the fire

    Captain Lawrence Brewinf Co - Golden Delicious An american tripel beer, one of the strongest I know (12%, close to wine level), aged in apple brandy barrels. It's a killer

    Awesome ale from the Pretty Things brewery. On the lighter side for me with only 6% alcohol, slightly bitter, it's a perfect one for the coming fall

    Brigand by Castle Brewery Ok, that's a super cheezy image depicting a "brigand" (thief in french) but it's an interesting belgian ale, strong as usual (9%) and with a very very dark taste, dominated by a buckwheat perfume. Unusual!

    Pere Jacques by Goose Island Matilda is the other one from this Chicago brewer (who unfortunately got bought by Anheiser Busch not so long ago) that I'm a huge fan of. This is a darker belgian ale at 8.5%, spices, plums, honey smelling. Really good in theory but slightly below the level of Matilda

    Grande Reserve 17 from Unibroue From my friends the closest belgian brewery outside if Belgium (Canada), an interesting dark ale brewed with spice and age 12 to 24 months in french oak barrel. Strong (10%), goes very well with game meat

    Finesse by De Dochter van de Korenaar Interesting all malt, 3 cereal (barley, wheat and rye), tripel ale (8.5%), very smooth but not heavy on the sweetness level with a light bitterness. Really good for summer evenings...

    Lagunitas - Hop Stoopid Ale A strong american ale (8%), on the bitter side, amber but not impressive

    Ah the Chimay... A classic for the trappist monk style beer-lovers... Heavy in taste, look (dark amber), ad alcohol (9%), it's Autumn in your glass...

    Corsendonk by the Brewery du Bocq - a light one for a Belgian Abbay beer (7.5%) but perfect for a mid-afternoon refreshment. Another authentic trappist monk production

    Whale's Tale Pale Ale from the Cisco Brewers in Nantucket - not my usual kind since a lot more bitter than my fave belgian productions but really gor used to it

    La Trappe - Quadrupel Trappist Ale Another strong one with 10% alcohol, a true belgian trappist ale, dark amer, spices, honey and caramel, fall leaves and moist ground. Great one!

    10 - Trappistes Rochefort One of my favorite beer ever, probably one of the strongest I know with 11.3% alcohol, a very classic belgian ale from the trappist monks of Rochefort. She will knock you dead pretty quickly

    Rare Vos - Ommegang Brewery Amber ale, belgian style, on the lighter side (6.5%) - great for lighter fares

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    Rest and Concentration in the Workplace - Cranbrook Academy of Art's collaboration with Herman Miller explores the modern office

    Circus Boy by Magic Circus Just a good hefeweizen, light (4.5%) but actually very tasty. Interesting detail, this beer is brewed with lemongrass

    Summer Blonde by River Horse A very light blonde, fresh, crisp ale. Maybe lacking a bit of character and cery light (4.5%)

    Fill glass with ice Squeeze in half of a lime (fresh please) Pour Brugal rum generously over the rocks Top of with a bit of Sprite (ok, maybe more than a bit...) Finish it with a sip and smile

    Grand Cru Ale by Southampton - ale brewed with spices such as dried orange peel, ground coriander or anise. Extremely flavorful, obviously belgian style and strong (10%) - don't drink it too cold.

    Sydney, Australia. Vibrant and cosmopolitan!

    Bad Seed Hard Dry Cider Great great find, produced in Highland NY in the Hudson Valley, ad perfect for summer. A very clear look, closer to lemonade than cider and a incredibly fresh nose, citrus and light cherry. I would recommend this one for the boozy brunch or the late afternoon cocktail