Anne Frame
Anne Frame
Anne Frame

Anne Frame

Communications manager for Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments. We want to put an end to animal testing,

Nerve support cell, SEM by ScienceIllustrated, via Flickr

Blood vessels in the human body…

~~Each September, the wood frogs of Alaska do a very strange thing: They freeze.They do not freeze totally solid, but they do freeze mostly solid for seven months, then they thaw and hop away | LA Times~~

Colorized scanning electron micrograph of a red blood cell infected with malaria parasites (blue). The infected cell is in the center of the image area. To the left are uninfected cells with a smooth red surface.

Neurons and glial cells, colored SEM. The nerve cells have small cell bodies (orange) and fine extensions called axons and dendrites (brown). The glial cells have large cell bodies (blue) with thicker extensions (pale green).

planche anatomique - squelette de siamois / source ?

Africa | "Protective Mother". Masai Mara, Kenya | ©Greg McMulin

How it used to be done..... Victorian doctors, dissection

Skeletons warped by bone cancer - and the strange ways it could influence architecture

Perspectives in Laboratory Animal Science (See the latest issue) "In India, there is an urgent need to get a single directive on the appropriate and relevant use of animals in education and research which is equally applicable in all institutions."

Plenty of robots can fly -- but none can fly like a real bird. That is, until Markus Fischer and his team at Festo built SmartBird, a large, lightweight robot, modeled on a seagull, that flies by flapping its wings. A soaring demo fresh from TEDGlobal 2011.

New FRAME Training school date announced. When scientists carry out experiments it is vitally important they are well designed, otherwise they may waste resources or give the wrong answers. This is especially serious when animals are used. FRAME promotes this important message to researchers worldwide and, in particular, new, young scientists by arranging training schools in Experimental Design and Statistical Analysis.

Alternatives to dissection: kit that includes a model to "dissect" rather than encouraging the killings of millions of animals. I teach my children that every life is important, and that it is wrong to kill an animal unnecessarily.

Glossary of useful terms used in alternatives research.

New research casts doubt on monkeys as drug testing model.

1994 Visible Human Project From the FRAME Timeline of alternatives to animals in laboratories

Can't stand rats? You might reconsider after these images. #rats #teddybear #amazinganimals

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