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Sophia Webster and Bobby Stockley’s Wedding in London

I definitely have a bit of a sweet tooth and knew I wanted various treats for the guests! I had a pick-and-mix stand created with a large choice of all my faves—as well as numerous types of cupcakes from my favorite shop, Lola’s cupcakes—they’re a big hit in the SW studio!

Images of the Week: 1/3/2014

Paris is seeing a boom in nouveau pastry shops. Seen here: Christophe Michalak's K7 at Michalak Takeaway. [Courtesy Photo]

Your I Love Colorful Candy: how to make hard candy jewels You’ll need to pick up a couple of custom supplies for making hard candy. First, you’ll need some hard candy jewel molds. Then you’ll need some liquid food coloring that’s suitable for use with har