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Books Worth Reading

Some of my absolute favorite books. Most have shaped my persepctive in one way or another.

Very interesting. The author does a great job of giving just the right amount of background information.

Good story. Quick read.

Quick read. Really funny.

Best read aloud.

The greatest heart breaking writer.

Love his writing style. Very easy read.

Loved the movie, but I think the book is better.

Just ordered this on Amazon, cannot wait to read it!

Read this book as a young teen and have used it throughout my life as a guide for building relationships with people. It's about understanding that not everyone shows love in the same way, and that's OKAY.

Very intense. If you liked the movie you'll love the book.

A must read for everyone.

Songs My Mother Taught Me, by Marlon Brando

Some pretty good reads here...

1998 book by Daniel Wallace called Big Fish: A Novel of Mythic Proportions.

Another favorite. Very dark.

My favorite book of all time.

The Picture of Dorian Gray - August