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DIY: Repurposing Glass Jars!

I love decorating and crafting, but doing those things on a budget is sometimes challenging! So when I ran across these ideas on ways to repurpose glass jars, I was super excited!
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Create more storage space by clearing off your counter top.  Mount a magnetic strip underneath your cabinets to hold smaller, matching jars for your spices.


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Recycle Glass Bottles and Jars -

Definitely a category more akin to the DIY crowd because of the non-complexity it entails. Not to say that some of these haven't had some hard work put toward them. But you'll definitely find this style in both formal and informal circles.


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Here's the best crafting tip I have ever given: Keep every glass jar and lid that you can. Wash the jars, peel off the labels and keep them for projects. They also make cute giveaway containers for presents if you wrap the object in tissue paper before you stuff it in the jar. Ah. I'm getting off topic. Glue an animal to the lid and spray paint! For this project, I do not recommend hot glue because it does not do well with temperature changes. An epoxy glue like E6000 would work best...


Things Your Grandmother Knew: Glass Jar Storage

The look of rugged, raw metal and thick glass I think sums this trend up nicely. From wire caging to mason jars, it's hot hot hot right now.


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Use chalkboard labels to keep your desk, playroom or kitchen closet organized and all the items in their place.


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Money, Marriage & Motherhood: DIY: Repurposing Glass Jars

Nowadays, in an effort to repurpose old materials, glass jars can reinvent themselves into useful ways to stay organized.


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Haha!  These photo frames made me smile.  You could also stand the jar upright and fill it with olive oil to give your picture a sepia effect like this.


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