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Apartment in Paris Kitchen - Галерея

Designed by London-based ART BURO, this inspiring apartment is located in Paris, France. Visualisation by Eric Mao Visualisation Kitchen

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System Collection is a modern kitchen that is easy and only creates light barriers between the living areas. This model distinguishes itself by coupling technology with natural materials while the visible structures support, organize and contain, the work

Russian Sages•If plants are too floppy, try pinching them back by half in early summer when they are about a foot tall. Cut back plants to about a foot in the fall or leave standing for winter interest. Then cut back to about 6 inches in the spring. Plants at the northern end of their range may be killed back to the ground; in milder areas more of the top growth will survive. Wait to see how much wood had made it through the winter before cutting them back hard in the spring.

Russian Sages: Plant Care and Collection of Varieties