Francesca Iannella

Francesca Iannella

Francesca Iannella
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Colored Pencil

I chose this for rhythm because they are all the same drawing being repeated but the color makes the drawing interesting so you dont just see the same thing being repeated. Without the color it would almost be the same drawing repeated.

Grishko Triumph Soft Shank Pointe Shoes

Grishko Triumph Pointe Shoe Triumph has been developed based on the features most requested by world-famous ballerinas Diana Vishneva and Svetlana Zakharova, for their own customized shoes.

Grishko Pro 2007 Pointe Shoe

Grishko Pro Pointe Shoes for professional dancers that are specifically designed to be silent on stage. The Grishko Pro Pointe Shoe is based on the original 2007 and features: a new, noise-reducing st