Francine Baktinadi

Francine Baktinadi

dogs. music. books. rom-com movies. yogi wannabe. indecisive. impulsive. laugh hard. dream big. love.
Francine Baktinadi
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So good. So patient !!

i would give my dog a treat just for being so patient, it's like the dogs way of saying "please give me a treat"

Ugh favorite dog breed and favorite flower! Golden retriever and pink tulips

21 Desperate Dogs Who Just Want To Say Hi

Dog looking up out of fence for attention. Funny looking dogs hilarious when they get desperate for attention. Dogs attention to "passerbys". Please save this pin.

Love it

♥♥♫♪Happy Birthday to you ♪♫**¨**.**¨**♫♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪♫**¨* *.**¨**♫♪ Happy Birthday !**¨**♫♪ Happy Birthday to you!