oh, hey... just hanging out

a golden retriever pup in pajamas = cutest thing ever OMG! I can't even with those PJ's!

Most patient dog. ever.

Self control - level: expert Ha ha, poor dog! I don't even have that level of self control.

too funny

Imminent Chaos…

funny caption picture mayhem in 3 2 1 red dog on dogs head cat about .

So adorable.

that's that pittie smile! Perfect Pitbull Smile If this isn’t the perfect Pitbull smile, I.

LOL Kitty cheesecake!

Kitten pin ups! Anything girls can do, cats can do better, haha

cats are so full of imagination :)

Invisibility lvl: CAT

Kitty and the invisible things. (invisible window installation made me laugh)

Too stinkin cute!

I’m Beautiful…

I want her. I want a little baby girl monkey. Not a human daughter. But a monkey daughter. I could dress her up and she'd never tell me she hates me. And she wouldn't start drama. I need a baby girl monkey.