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transferring image to wood: cut wax paper to size of printer paper, put through printer with guidance, place ink side down on contrasting wood, push ink into wood using the edge of a card - use muscle, gently lift and seal.

Make Your Own 3D Printer Filament with the ExtrusionBot.

Make Your Own 3D Printer Filament with the ExtrusionBot

This machine, called the Extrusionbot, makes it able to make your own filament for a printer. With this machine is it possible to make the filament from different kind of materials. It saves time and money for a producer.

6-Axis Robot Arm 3D Printing, Arduino, Robotics | Sainsmart

DIY Servo Control Palletizing Robot Arm Model for Arduino UNO in Industrial, Electrical & Test Equipment, Connectors, Switches & Wire

5axis Master A desktop sized 5 axis milling machine. Future improvements include a 3d printing head, water jet head, and hot wire cutting. view on Kickstarter TinyScreen literally a tiny itty bitty...

Cool Crowdfunding: September 27, 2014

is raising funds for First ever affordable multi-fabricator on Kickstarter! First ever affordable multi-fabricator that brings most advanced fabrication right to your desk

Introduction To The Compact Series - YouTube

The Compact Series Linear Guide Systems from PBC Linear are designed to provide smooth, accurate, and repeatable linear motion in tight spaces. The Compact S.

Buy 3d printing Flexible TPU Polyurethane 2.85mm Filament for 3D printers at lowest rates online in Canada.

Polyurethane TPU Filament - BLACK - 2.85mm

Buy printing Flexible TPU Polyurethane Filament for printers at lowest rates online in Canada.


is a protective coating for smoothing and finishing printed parts. Coating self-levels and wets out uniformly without leaving brush strokes.

Fastners for 3D Printing: Threaded inserts

I Heart Robotics: Fastners for Printing: Threaded inserts Part 3 of n



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