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Hitch Safe – RV Happy Hour - #RV #Security

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The perfect gift for your husband's "man cave", the 2-drawer Toolbox Fridge is a handy-man inspired item that he's sure to love.

At first glance, it may look like a red six drawer tool chest, but it cleverly disguises a mini fridge on the bottom and two functional tool drawers on the top

What a great idea for a safe place to hide in case of intruders. You could even set it up so you could lock yourself in if needed.

secret room IN the stairs! I need a secret room somewhere in my house. So have the secret room under the stairs, but to actually make it secret, don't put the door under the stairs, put it in the stairs.

Reclaimed barrel cooler.

Reclaimed Tequilla Barrel Ice Chest and Stand. Don't serve drinks out of a cooler like a peasant. This Reclaimed Tequilla Barrel Ice Chest and Stand is the best way to get the party started.