Françoise Levasseur Dromain

Françoise Levasseur Dromain

Françoise Levasseur Dromain
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.“Elephants have been known to die of broken hearts if a mate dies. They refuse to eat and will lay down, shedding tears until they starve to death. They refuse all human help.” Shame :/

Mom and baby, so sweet. She keeps it close to her front legs, Her breasts are behing her fron legs. It's the safest place for a baby elephant for mom to protect it. They're such loving mothers. It's a joy to just watch them.

I miss these amazing sunsets (and the wildlife too)

Sunset in South Africa. I can't even describe how much I want to go to Africa! Zebras are my favorite animal along with cheetahs and I would love to see a view like this!


Strolling through the dusty paths of life I have often thought Why me? Why me? Always the loser and always be alone


Great Cormorant enjoying the sunset. Unlike ducks, Cormorants have no waterproofing on their feathers. This allows them to be very efficient moving through water, but also means they must dry their wings (as this Cormorant is doing) before they can proper