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Tom Felton. This might be the most beautiful bromance of all time. Other than Sherlock and Watson, of course. And Kirk and Spock. But definitely one of the top three.

This might be the most beautiful bromance of all time, so adorable Don't let them kiss! I want to kiss them.

This is more funny than it should be

JK Rowling walked onto the set of a Harry Potter film and saw Daniel Radcliffe looking extremely beat up. She thought his makeup was real and asked, “Oh my gosh, what happened?

This has nothing to do with harry potter, i just think it would be a fun way to do photos.

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Daniel Radcliffe - is growing up to be a fine gentleman. Mmmhmm.

I'm not ashamed to say this man was my first real crush. Like turning red all the way through Harry potter crush.

Birthdays I missed: happy 25th birthday Daniel Radcliffe!! (July 23)

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Daniel Radcliffe Covers ‘Out’ Magazine March 2013 Daniel Radcliffe gives an intense stare on the cover of Out magazine's March 2013 issue, on newsstands February Here is what the Kill Your…

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