watercolor owl

Barn Owl watercolour by Jean Haines - animal artwork

The Window -- Henri Matisse, 1916

artemisdreaming: “ The Window, 1916 Henri Matisse Oil on canvas, x cm The Detroit Institute of Arts, City of Detroit Purchase, © 2010 Succession H. Matisse / Artists Rights Society.


Henri Matisse (French, Interior with a Violin (Room at the Hôtel Beau-Rivage), 1918 Oil on canvas; 45 x 35 in. x 89 cm) Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen, J.



Henri Matisse: One of the Pasifae portfolio (linogravures), Plate 'Fraiche sur des Lits des Violettes' ('Fresh on beds of violets.') ~Via Oliva De La Fuente Gallego

Vincent van Gogh. The Shepherdess, 1889

Shepherdess, The (after Millet) by Vincent Van Gogh Painting, Oil on Canvas Saint-Rémy: November, 1889

The Celtic god Dagda played a living harp, as he played the seasons came into order - Spring following Winter, Summer succeeding Spring followed by Autumn. He composed all the sounds of nature, bird songs, the lapping of the waves, sounds of rippling streams, passage of the wind through the leaves, so sweet was the music from the harp that no one could hear and not follow it. The notes became the birds which hover invisibly  over young men and women, whispering thoughts of love into their…

The Celtic god Dagda played a living harp, as he played the seasons came into order . Wonderful myths to share!

Vincent van Gogh (Dutch, 1853–1890). Corridor in the Asylum, September 1889. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Bequest of Abby Aldrich Rockefeller, 1948 (48.190.2) | This haunting view of a sharply receding corridor in the asylum at Saint-Rémy, France, with a small male figure in the middle distance turning toward a door, is Van Gogh's most powerful description of the institution where he spent a year, from May 1889 to May 1890, shortly before the end of his life. #OneMetManyWorlds

Corridor in the Asylum Vincent van Gogh (Dutch, Zundert Auvers-sur-Oise) Date: September 1889 Medium: Oil color and essence over black chalk on pink laid ("Ingres") paper Dimensions: x in. x cm)

Belvedere Overlooking Montmartre - 1886  - Vincent van Gogh

Page: Belvedere Overlooking Montmartre Artist: Vincent van Gogh Completion Date: 1886 Place of Creation: Paris, France Style: Post-Impressionism Genre: cityscape Technique: oil Material: canvas

Jean-Pierre Augier, 1950 | Metal Art sculptures

Jean-Pierre Augier, 1950

Metal sculpture by French artist Jean-Pierre Augier

Wassily Kandinsky

"Park of Saint Cloud with Horseman" -- 1906 -- Wassily Kandinsky -- Russian-French -- Oil on canvas -- No further reference provided.

Gauguin: The Swineherd, Brittany 1888

Gauguin: The Swineherd, Brittany 1888 Du temps où le cochon était jaune d'or !

A Hagenauer Bronze Figure - hound

A Hagenauer bronze borzoi figure

Wheatfield with Mountains in the Background  - Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh Painting, Oil on Canvas Saint-Rémy: June, 1889 Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek Copenhagen, Denmark, Europe F: JH: 1723 Image Only - Van Gogh: Mountainous Landscape Behind Saint-Paul Hospital

French Art Deco cruise ticket. @Deidré Wallace (colors, fonts, lines)

Steamship brochure and deck plan "Second Cabin Accommodation, S. Ile de France, French Line," From the collection of David Levine.


Print of Renoir's The Seine at Asnieres on canvas. Product: Wall artConstruction Material: Cotton canvas and woodFeatures: The Seine At Asnieres by Auguste Renoir

Lesser Ury |  Morning Sun, 1924

alongtimealone: Morning Sun Lesser Ury - 1924 (by BoFransson)