New work by dda communications group

Here are some samples of new work created by dda communications group
23 Pins
a woman with safety glasses is holding a folder in front of an advertisement for the global safety month
Safety Month poster for Lanxess Corporation
a butterfly is sitting on top of a green leaf and dripping water from the drop
dda designs Chemtura Corporation's 2016 Sustainability Report
a man hugging another man with the words live safe work safe in front of him
Global Safety Month poster for Chemtura Corporation
the brochure is shown with many different images
dda designs Chemtura Corporation's 2015 Annual Report
an advertisement for the new york's team, featuring a man in a suit and tie
Poster for St. John's Men's Basketball pre-game receptions
Magazine supplement designed for Bausch + Lomb Optometric, Mark Wright, Bausch Lomb
Magazine supplement designed for Bausch + Lomb
a collage of photos with the words we are suu and images of students in red
2016 Calendar design for St. John's University
two hands holding red hearts with the words givingtuesday
Poster design for St. John's University's Giving Tuesday participation.
an advertisement for fairview business group
Brochure cover design for Fairview Business Group...a company that audits spending and expense outflow for other companies.
the logo for pachalence make a gift leave a leggy, which is blue and
Logo design for Allendale Columbia's Parent Giving Challenge.
two brochures with pictures of people on them
Fall Appeal for Allendale Columbia School
Brochure for the President's Leadership Society for Sacred Heart University Presidents, Leadership, Society, Book Cover, Frame
Brochure for the President's Leadership Society for Sacred Heart University
the save the date flyer for an event with colorful stripes and spoons on it
Invitation design for The Carter Burden Center's Gala
the face of safety poster is shown with a woman in safety gear and goggles
Employee Safety poster designed for Chemtura Corporation
a man wearing a hard hat and yellow jacket standing in front of the ocean with clouds
Code of Conduct brochure for Noble Drilling