Paintings: Japonisme

Japonisme is a general term for the influence of the arts of Japan on the West. In the 1860s, ukiyo-e, Japanese wood-block prints, became a source of inspiration for many European impressionist painters & eventually for Art Nouveau & Cubism.
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A New Day by William Henry Margetson (1861 - 1940)

"A New Day" British Painter William Henry Margetson William Henry Margetson studied at the South Kensington Schools and at the Royal Academy, where he exhibited from The subjects of his paintings were mostly beautiful women.

The Japanese Parasol~William John Hennessy, 1890. #Hennessy

⊰ Posing with Posies ⊱ paintings & illustrations of women & children with flowers - The Japanese Parasol - William John Hennessy, 1890

Charles Spencelayh

Charles Spencelayh was an English genre painter and portraitist in the Academic style

Leon de Smet

Still Life: Vase of Flowers and Engraving of a Japanese Wood Leon De Smet Leon De Smet ( Ghent , July 20 1881 - Deurle , September 9 1966 )

Bernhard Gutmann "Lady in a Chinese Silk Jacket"

Bernhard Gutmann (German-American artist, Lady in a Chinese Silk Jacket 1909

James McNeill Whistler, Purple and Rose: The Lang Leizen of the Six Marks, 1864

James Abbott McNeill Whistler – - Purple and Rose - The Lang Leizen of the Six Marks, 1864