wall art

Paper boxes used for the walls as art. Affordable wall art, unique wall display, ways to decorate your home. You can also use art canvas and cut out a pattern from behind it with a repetitive stenciled pattern

DIY Wall Words • Tutorials and ideas!

DIY Wall Words

DIY Lego Wall

How to Create a Do It Yourself Lego Wall

A lego wall. Add this to my fun wall ideas. So one wall will have chalkboard paint, another dry erase, now a lego wall. Now I just need a felt wall for felt play and a magnetic wall. I saw this neat project somewhere about a ball track on a magnet wall.

String Art technique

String Art technique (I recall doing something like this in school as a way of making math more visual)

String art

Stunning DIY project - I'd totally forgotten string art was a thing. Via The Daily Yarn.


I finally got around to building a keychain holder for Amy and I. 3 magnets hold it fairly well. Each keychain brick is held on by two studs. Slopes below mean you can just push on the bottom of the brick to remove.