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These teeny mousses are just the right size if you want to sample more than one (that’s the beauty of anything that comes in miniature form).

This Melbourne label makes threads that are rather pretty – and entirely sustainable, too.

These stamps don’t function as actual stamps, but they sure do send us some place nice.

If you’ve never used fuse beads, this DIY project just might inspire you give the colourful little nuggets a whirl.

When an interiors brand is influenced by South America in the ’60s, Carmen Miranda and exotic plants, you know you’re onto a good thing.

Here’s a little something for for fans of beards, fans of flowers, and fans of finding random things in the street.

We’ve got one double pass to a rather special spoon-carving workshop in Lauriston, Victoria, to give away – hooray!

Well, what do you know? We’ve got a voucher for Goosebumps’ happiness-inducing bedding up for grabs!

For this crafty lass, procrastination involves picking up a needle and thread and embroidering tiny botanical masterpieces.

There are stacks of sweet ’90s tops out there – and this online store has a mighty fine selection.