Wouldn't this make a good picture for Watty, you and Angus?  I just love how this looks.

I just love how this looks. I need to learn how to skate so I can teach my kids so this can happen for a Christmas card!

Things Are a Little Different In Canada (29 Photos) | Suburban Men

Things Are a Little Different In Canada (29 Photos)

Basically how i feel every time i watch a blackhawks game and someone has to come and be like"eeewww you like hockey???" well duh!!!!!

The Harsh Truth About College

I just like to smile! Smiling's my favorite! this quote is so wonderful. So ME! Will Ferrell is so funny and it's just not the Christmas season without watching the movie Elf.

Because It's The Cup

14 Differences Between First-Time And Experienced Parents

Which disney song is your personal anthem? Circle of Life: You are outdoorsy and a bit of a hippie! The circle of life moves us all, especially you!

Hockey Player Tweets : Photo

NHL hit is harder than football. This is true and while I love me some good football, my love for hockey is something completely different (and much louder).

Either you like Hockey or you are wrong!

Ur more important then any hockey game baby. I will leave here early just to talk to u. <--- previous pinner, haha not a real fan!