Spring Cleaning

Cleaning and decluttering tips, advice, and products for you to welcome spring without the chaos.
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Declutter your house in 40 days with this list.

40 Bags in 40 Days Small step.but huge results. A bag a day.Get rid of 40 bags of stuff in 40 days- forty places to check and declutter. Customize with my 40 places.

A utility closet will improve your efficiency.  Designate a space for all our cleaning supplies so you know where all your cleaning supplies are located.

20 Savvy Ways to Stay Organized

An organised cleaning closet or cabinet with storage compartments is the perfect place to hold cleaning supplies, and using the back of the door is a great space saver!

An easy way to clean your microwave.

The Easiest Way To Clean Your Microwave: Heat a bowl of water & vinegar for 5 minutes in the microwave. The steam will dissolve stuck on stains. Simply wipe off. {I do this with lemon juice. It works great and the microwave smells great after}

I have quite the collection of cookbooks.  This binder would work great to organize my favorite recipes: http://store.franklinplanner.com/store/category/prod820124/US-New-Accessories/Cath-Kidston-Recipe-Organizer-by-Chronicle-Books?skuId=40963...Keep the recipes I use the most, and donate or toss the rest.

Smart Ways to Declutter and Stress Less!

Declutter Your Paper Piles Recipe for Organization Put the pages into clear plastic pockets in a three-ring binder. You've just made yourself a customized cookbook with plenty of room to grow.

Who needs #SpringCleaning Help? This list is awesome! Kitchen Deep Cleaning Checklist

How to Deep Clean Your Kitchen

FREE Printable Kitchen Deep Cleaning Checklist : breaks down the sometimes overwhelming process of deep cleaning your kitchen into manageable bites that can be done all at once or a little at a time!

Cleaning the dishwasher

How to Clean a Dishwasher

Tip to clean oil off your driveway

Cleaning Oil Stains on Your Driveway

Cleaning oil stains on your driveway. Product called Pour-N-Restore. It goes on as a liquid and dries into a powder. The company's website claims that the product soaks into the concrete and pulls up embedded oil stains, capturing them in the dry powder.

10 Tricks To Spring Clean Your Office

10 Tricks To Spring Clean Your Office - In Photos: Top 10 Tricks To De-Clutter Your Office

Working for a perpetually disorganized boss can be exasperating, stressful and even detrimental to your career. Here are 17 tips for handling your disorganized manager.

How To Spring Clean Your Office with Evernote

How To Spring Clean Your Office with Evernote

Cleaning Baseboards

Cleaning Baseboards, I used non-toxic and biodegradable Simple Green (diluted in a spray bottle) and it worked wonders.

The worst cleaning jobs made easy

The worst cleaning jobs made easy

The worst cleaning jobs easy.Real Simple presents the quickest, smartest strategies for battling eight universally despised tasks.

Spring Clean your office

30 Quick and Easy Cleaning Tips for Every Room