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    Printable Spanish

    From preschool through college and just for fun... Anything printable that makes learning the Spanish language fun and easy!

    Printable Spanish

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    Spanish Thanksgiving printables: minibook for kids from Monarca Language, with ideas for Spanish activities.

    NEW Printable Spanish FREEBIE of the Day: ¿Qué Haces Bien? verb phrases worksheet from

    FREE word search puzzle: Spanish Word Search 4 from!

    FREE 20-page worksheet packet: Spanish-Speaking countries from!

    Tiene (Mala) Suerte FREE tener practice worksheet from

    Printable Spanish FREEBIE of the Day: ¿Qué Estación del Año? Seasons in Spanish worksheet from

    FREE printable Spanish adjectives crossword puzzle and answer key from

    telling time in spanish #Spanish

    Telling the time in Spanish - ¿Qué hora es?. Asking and telling the time in Spanish (el tiempo/ la hora) may be very useful in different situations, but there are some difference between the way we talk about the time in Spanish and how we do it in English. This picture is part of a complete lesson about the time in Spanish.

    FREEBIE puzzle & answer key from!

    Mi Enfermedad FREE printable Spanish word merge worksheet & answer key from

    FREEBIE alert!! Here is just one of many, many FREE printable puzzles from

    NEW Printable Spanish FREEBIE of the Day: No Conozco a Nadie... Homework puzzle worksheet from

    Cities in Spain FREE printable word search puzzle & answer key from

    Printable Spanish FREEBIE of the Day: Family vocabulary worksheet packet -- 14 pages from

    Celebrando Hispanic Heritage Month [Infographic]

    Printable Spanish FREEBIE of the Day: Me Duele poster for kids of all ages from

    Print and cut the flash cards to learn about emotions in both languages.

    Fun practice for those E to IE stem-changing Spanish verbs! This puzzle is FREE from and comes with an answer key!

    Printable Spanish FREEBIE of the Day: First of several Deportes crossword puzzles from

    Printable Spanish FREEBIE of the Day: Food & Fun with Articles card set from

    Full-page puzzle in which students have to match up the correct subject pronoun with a subject (ex: Juan y yo matches with "nosotros") in order to complete the puzzle and see the full-page picture. This is a printable which could be used for the whole class or just for students who finish their work early who need something to do.

    Cuartos y Artículos household vocabulary worksheet: FREEBIE from!

    ¡Nunca los lunes! gustar verbs & verb phrases game FREE from

    What is your Daily Routine in Spanish? Use this FREEBIE in class or just to practice! From :D