Cups and Bowls. This would be really cool to do, and replace all my dishes with handmade ones from yours truly! Maybe doing all the cups in one color, the plates in another, and the bowls in another color... So many ideas!

With a ceramic pen this is so easy! We have a lot of white dishes and I think this could make them lively again! Plus with a ceramic pen it is dishwasher safe!

DIY use a porcelain pen and Simply draw on dinnerware, let dry for 24 hours and then bake in the oven for 30 minutes.

alisaburke: doodle bowls:pen to use for decorating dinnerware is the Pebo Porcelaine It is non toxic pen that is permanent and dishwasher safe once heat set.

My dad and I have the idea to draw mustaches on coffee mugs and call them "mugstaches"

The Difference Between Infographics, Instructographics and Data Visualisations image What are instructographics

Christmas gifts in April?  This Christmas, all gifts will be handmade.  And look darn good, too.

Gorgeous mugs made from simple white mugs. DIY your own design with paint pen for ceramics