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a collage of a woman with butterflies on her head and the words loose in the air
Loose in the Bright Fantastic by E. B. Moore. Women's fiction, family drama, Boston, senior citizens, dementia, sandwich generation, intergenerational households, gay men, super heroes, missing persons. #booklaunch #novel #fiction #womensfiction #familylife #elders #dementia #dementiaawareness #alzheimers #alzheimersawareness #humor #compassion #sandwichgeneration #missingperson #superheroes #seniorcitizens
a book cover with an image of a person holding a instrument in front of mountains
Songs for the Gusle
The most interesting French literary hoax you’ve never read – now available for pre-order. First English-language translation of La Guzla… by Prosper Mérimée, the man behind Carmen. #folklore #folktales #fakelore #literaryhoax #frenchliterature #translation #booksintranslation #balkans
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In Madison's Cave Ebook
Happy President's Day! In Madison's Cave -- an epistolary dialogue between Jefferson and Adams -- is now available as an ebook!
a poster with the words street smart on it
Street Smart Collection of Short Fiction
Now together under the same cover for the first time: all seven numbers of Frayed Edge Press’ Street Smart Series of Short Fiction—novelette-length works featuring contemporary urban settings, well-drawn characters, and engaging plots. This volume also includes a representative illustration from each story.
a shovel leaning up against a wall with the word dig written in orange on it
DIG - Latinx Interest Fiction and Drama
Mixed genre collection of short stories, hybrid- and micro-fiction, as well as drama. Latinx interest. Foreword Reviews says "Dig is a gritty literary collection whose diverse entries concern finding one’s place within a family, a culture, and a country."
Couple kissing in background, holding two smart phones in foreground showing new ebooks on their screens. Reading, Kindle, Books, Amazon Kindle, Ebooks, Amazon, Short Reads
New Ebooks Available - Short Reads!
Nos. 6 & 7 in the Street Smart Series now available as #ebooks! Get yours on Amazon #Kindle, Apple #iBooks, #Kobo, B&N, and other fine ebook retailers! Only $1.99!
the children's book make the bear be nice
Free Sticker Set
FREE Sticker set with every purchase of Stephen St. Francis Decky's novella, "Make the Bear Be Nice"! While supplies last! Sticker set measures 4x6 inches and contains four main stickers and several smaller, snacky ones! Perfect for decorating your computer, phone, or book cover. Commemorates the "story within the story" of the summer kiddie blockbuster -- Make the Bear Be Nice!
the day is gone by sheila montgomery find out now
The Day is Gone by Shelonda Montgomery
Now Available! "The Day is Gone" by Shelonda Montgomery, a tale about a Chicago family whose lives are disrupted when two young brothers and their friend discover the body of a local store owner in a ditch. #shortfiction #urbanfiction #africanamerican #shortstory
a black and white drawing of a boy in front of a pile of boxes with the words, introduce make the bear be nice by stephen st
"Make the Bear Be Nice"
"Make the Bear Be Nice" by Stephen St. Francis Decky Street Smart Series—No. 6 short fiction A homeless teen working nights cleaning movie theaters at a South Jersey cineplex forms an unlikely friendship with a former high-school classmate and his sister. Their relationship—as well as his relationship with his estranged father—culminates with a chaotic uprising during a screening of an annoyingly ubiquitous summer blockbuster kids’ movie.​
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a person holding a book in their hands on a wooden table next to a pair of shoes
Maine History Book
Delve into some #MaineHistory with Rebecca Pritchard's "Jeremiah Hacker". #Maine #History #radical #abolitionist #journalists
the book cover for in madison's cave by douglas anderson, with an image of a
Historical Novel
In Madison's Cave, an epistolary dialogue between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams by Douglas Anderson now available. This experimental novel considers early American history, government & politics, education, race relations, and other themes that still resonate in modern American life. #bookstagram #books #book #novel #foundingfathers #jefferson #adams #historicalfiction #amreading
an advertisement for the madison's cave, which is now on sale in stores
Founding Fathers Historical Fiction
#HistoricalNovel by Douglas Anderson presents a dialogue between #ThomasJefferson and #JohnAdams concerning the country they helped to create. Now available for pre-order at 20% off the list price. #AmericanHistory #Novel #Sale
two books sitting on top of a wooden shelf next to an open book case with the cover pulled down
History Books and Mythology/Translation
#History and #mythology from Frayed Edge Press. #mainehistory #ww1history #odyssey #ww1 #feministliterature #mexicanliterature #literatureintranslation #WITMonth
three books sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other and one is in front of the book
#Fiction from Frayed Edge Press. #experimental #newadult #jewish #metoo #novel #shortstories
three books sitting on top of a wooden table
#Poetry from Frayed Edge Press #afrofuturism #speculativepoetry #sf #experimental #sexworkers
the new arrival flyer for an event with a woman's face and words on it
Yearning for the Sea
Now Available! First English-language #translation of Mexican author Ester Seligson's Sed de mar. Feminist re-imagining of Homer's Odyssey. #Mexico #MexicanLiterature #FeministAuthors
the book cover for in madison's cave, with an image of a map
In Madison's Cave
An imaginative dialogue between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams -- sheds light on early American history while wrestling with topics still relevant today. #novel #Jefferson #Adams #AmericanHistory
a book cover with an image of a woman holding a wand in front of a cityscape
The Ghettobirds - #SpeulativePoetry by Bryant O'Hara is now available for pre-sale. Pub date is 06/22/21. #sciencefiction #poetry #sale #afrofuturism
an advertisement for the first english language book learning for the sea, featuring a woman's face with her eyes closed
Yearning for the Sea
Yearning for the Sea by Esther Seligson -- now available for pre-order! Pub date is 06/15/21. #translation #MexicanLiterature #feministliterature #feminista #sale
the first english - language translations of novels by james biernboe are now available for pre - publication
Books now available
NOW AVAILABLE! First English-language editions of two novels by Norwegian author Jens Bjørneboe #fiction #translation
an advertisement for the book right guy wrong time by lousse macgrer, which is
New Adult Novel - now available for pre-sale
Louise MacGregor's new adult novel explores love and intimacy in the aftermath of sexual assault. Now available for pre-orders at 20% off list price. #sale #romance #MeToo #fiction #novel
thank you for your support and business in 2020
Frayed Edge Press
Thanks to all our customers, authors, and everyone who worked with the press in 2020! It's been a rough year, but we look ahead to great things in 2021! #Bye2020
the words happy holidays warm winter wishes from fraved edge press
Frayed Edge Press
Happy Holidays to All from Frayed Edge Press!
a woman sitting on top of a blue couch in front of a potted plant
Authors Not Amazon
Parlew Distribution provides #AlternativesToAmazon for the book-buying public
some books with the title coming in 2012
First English-Language Translations of Acclaimed Norwegian Author
Happy 100th to Jens Bjørneboe! Coming in 2021 -- first English translations of Vinter i Bellapalma and Før hanen galer. #Books #Translations #Norway #Literature
the book cover for the future is coming to you in 2021
We're pleased to announce this awesome poetry collection, forthcoming in 2021 -- The Ghettobirds by Bryant O'Hara. #poetry #books #speculative #Afrofuturism
an ad for the new book,'vanishing the void'by james mca adams
Ambushing the Void
Now available for discounted pre-sale pricing! #books #sale
a book cover with an image of a building and the words, going georgetown or new orleans
¿Cómo Hacer Preguntas?
Daniel Hales' new poetry collection -- all about asking questions, rather than answering them.
a black and white drawing of a man laying on the floor next to a chair
Pele's Domain by Albert Tucher
"Tucher made a good choice in setting the story in the midst of Kilauea’s eruption.... it adds an overlay of dread to the story – things are out of control.... Pele’s Domain is a quick fun read!" -Vicki Weisfeld in Crime Fiction Love
a fire sale sign with the words, awp200 fire sale all non - safe fray edge titles 20 % off through the end of march
#AWP20 In San Antonio? Not in San Antonio? Either way, don't miss this #BookSale #AWP2020
an older man holding a black and white cat in his arms while looking at the camera
Robert P. Helms
Friend of the press, Robert Helms. See what he's been up to, including work on two Frayed Edge Press titles!
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Forthcoming in 2020
#poetry from Daniel Hales, #shortstories from James McAdams, new translations of two #Bjorneboe works, and more!
a green holiday card with gold ornaments and snowflakes hanging from the ceiling, says happy holidays from fraved edge press thanks for your business and support
Frayed Edge Press
Happy Holidays from us to you!
the flyer for an event with three circles and text that says frayed edge press
Street Smart Series
Now available for pre-sale - 20% off! Short fiction for good reading!
an orange gift card with white dots on it
Give the gift of reading
Gift cards available for Frayed Edge Press books! No fees, no expiration, easy to use! #CyberMonday2019
a woman wearing headphones and looking at her cell phone with the words rappe jokes by lousse maccregorr on it
Rape Jokes - novel
New Adult novel from Louise MacGregor -- an offbeat romantic comedy that tackles some tough issues in the #MeToo era.
an old black and white photo of a woman in a trench coat standing on steps
A Nurse's Story
Delia Battles Lewis was a nurse who served on the Eastern Front in WWI, in a Red Cross medical unit. #VeteransDay #Nursing #WomensHistory