Library was always fun to see who else checked out the same book.  :)

Vintage library card

LIbrary Cards looked just like this. You got to sign your name on it. If it was a school library book, you would look up and down the names of the people who'd taken it out before you, to see if you knew anyone!

I LOVED playing this game!

Waterful Ring-Toss by Tomy. Anyone Remember This? I want this! I loved playing with this as a kid!

:) So true

We played "the floor is lava" all the time when we were kids. It was SO fun jumping across the living room from couch to couch.

I remember wearing these!

little girl hair poodle and red plastic delights! My momma put these in my hair all the time!

Oh my goodness, does this bring back memories!!!

Retro Sharp Boombox Cassette Radio WITH Ace of Base cassette tape.

loved this as a kid. fashion plates. Do they still make them?

Fashion plates were one of my favorite toys growing up. Here's a similar product that's travel sized! Next Betsey Fashion Designer I was obsessed with a similar product growing up. I will hold onto it in case I ever have a daughter.

Tupperware Animals

Tupperware Zoo It Yourself

Magnet belts.

Smurf Belts and pictures. This page features Traveler Smurf Belt, Smurf Characters Belt featuring Jokey Smurf and Smurf Belt Buckles.

ahahaha! The things you forget about.

Impostor designer perfume body spray - I remember buying the "Tommy Girl" one of these when I was in grade nine.

I loved Mr. Mouth too.

Childhood Memory Keeper: Retro Pop Culture from the and toys my favorite game when I was a kid!

These were sooo good!

Old school Pudding Pops loved the vanilla! Went on a search for these as an adult and just recently found the vanilla ones again!