Printable games- Wow! This site has great ideas for teachers.

Need to check this out--Awesome resources! LOVE all printable GAMES! Also comp and literacy and spelling!

This is genius - a great way to switch up boring old flash cards. Students pull out a cup and answer the fact, as long as they get it right, they get to keep stacking.. could use with other math facts, too.

Math Power Towers-answer math fact correctly and continue to stack cups. Reading Power towers-name words correctly and stack a cup. Much more fun than flash cards!

Good anchor chart for first week

Favorite Pins Friday & A New 2nd/3rd Collaborative Blog!

Classroom DIY: DIY Mental Math Game

DIY Mental Math Game

Classroom DIY: DIY Mental Math Game Instead of using cards -- popsicle sticks are more durable and easier to store

Prefixes and suffixes

Developing Structural Word Analysis Anchor chart to teach students prefixes and suffixes. This chart is easy and colorful to break down each word and teach the meaning of each prefix and suffix.

Math activities by grade level aligned to common core...awesome!

This even tells you what standard each activity is for! Free common core math resources, activities, and games listed by grade level

Tackling Math Workshop

I think I just found a way to organize my ALT time. Tackling Math Workshop -- small group rotations (M is for Math facts, A = At your seat, T = Teacher's choice, and H = Hands on)

Cause and effect

Cause and effect anchor chart. -Standard Second Grade: Key Ideas and Details. Students ask and answer such questions as who, what, where, when, why and how to demonstrate understanding of key details in text.

Skip Counting Study Sheet

This Skip Counting Study Sheet is great tool to help students learn their skip counting patterns which will help students with their multiplication Facts. This is a two sided document that lists the muliples of