milky way

One of the more beautiful Milky Way photos I’ve seen. This one is taken over the two small towns of Gerlach and Empire, Nevada.

Blue Dusk, Charlottesville, Virginia It is a good thing that we don't know that we will never return to places of your heart. I lived there so long ago it seems like a dream.

Telluride, Colorado

I've been here too! Telluride is really small. Just finding a coffee place and taking some time to relish the surroundings makes it awesome! Telluride, CO because everyone should go there once in their life! I've been here and I agree - it's awesome!


I love my daughters! geiterl I love my daughters! I love my daughters!

Perennials, love the colors!!

Combining Plants

Mixtures of salvias, garden phlox, & grasses create this variation on the purple, pink & chartreuse theme. Successful garden beds depend on marrying plants that have similar needs for light & water.


It’s Wednesday, you should get away (25 HQ Photos)

Stars, stars, and more stars.

"Heavens Trail" A place in Ireland, where every two years on June 10 to the stars line up with this path. Actually just a nice pic of the Milky Way! And no the stars don't line up with the path!


On a little country road in South Pomfret, Vermont, is a picturesque gated property known as Sleepy Hollow Farm. Once owned by Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry, Sleepy Hollow Farm features everything a New England photographer could ever want. New England


Sunset, Istanbul, Turkey "O LORD, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! You have set your glory above the heavens.


"Mother of All Sunsets" - Logan Martin Lake via JSU News Wire----sure looks like the sunsets from Kristina's back deck.

a wrap around porch on the water

When it comes to porches, the wrap-around style is among the most popular. Typically found on homes in the southern part of the country, wrap-around porche


Love by Gorazd Golob - Mating ritual of Northern Gannets brings all kind of nice scenes. This was taken in Helgoland. The background was in the shade (see far away) and only birds were still lit by the sun.