Charlotte Steffensen

Charlotte Steffensen

Charlotte Steffensen
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~ I love the "Dirty" dishes tub on the microwave! You can add soap and water to wash at the sink or easily carry them to the commons! --- you could easily make your own desk areas in this layout.

Dorm layout

UNCG students Ashley Wicker and Annaliese Lawrence work on studies at their Jefferson Suite dorm room on October The two roommates were a semi-finalist in the best dressed room.

The Clemson Best Dorm on Campus.. Idk why I'm pinning this cause I'm not gonna live in a dorm.. But it's cute haha

Rin walked into her dorm room dorm room 123 she looked at the cover less beds and the blank room and cocked her head she but her stuff on the left bed and started to unpack she was thinking of the room mate she had in mind (open rp)