Etymologie par les racines proto-indo-européennes #indoeuropeen #indoeuropean #etymology #etymologie
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Linear B - Despite such a non-descriptive name, Linear B has proved to be the oldest surviving record of the Greek dialect known as Mycenaean, named after the great site of Mycenae where the legendary Agamemnon ruled. The script's usage spanned the time period between approximately 1500 BCE and 1200 BCE , and geographically covered the island of Crete, as well as the southern part of the Greek Mainland.

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File:Indo-European Migrations. Source David Anthony (2007), The Horse, The Wheel and Language.jpg

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"The Gaelic-speaking Scots, along with the Irish, Welsh and Bretons, belong to the Celtic branch of Indo-European; and the Indo-European family tree, when organised by dialect similarity rather than modern geography shows Tokharian on the branch next to Celtic."

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Hittite script from Hattuša - Hittites were the first ever Indo-european people. Their language is related to Latin, Celtic, Germanic, Baltic languages, etc.

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Dienekes’ Anthropology Blog: Strong (?) linguistic and archaeological evidence for steppe Indo-Europeans

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