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2 Corinthians Deuteronomy Ezra Ezekiel all show you, Wendy, that who you are with was not from God but from the master of deception, Satan!

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People just don't know the meaning behind things, but are willing to accept everything.

It is ironic that some who only accept Jesus but reject Jehovah don't know that the name "Jesus" means "Jehovah is Salvation." Jesus' name means: 'Jehovah is Salvation.' (The Catholic Encyclopaedia 1913 vol. viii p.

In the Bible Jesus talked about his friend Lazarus being asleep,the dead are in the grave in the ground. Find out more about the conditions of the dead at

The gravestone marking the final resting place of Joy Division singer Ian Curtis was stolen in It read, "Ian Curtis Love Will Tear Us Apart". It has been replaced with this one.