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Everything you need to know about the cervical cap.

Birth control pills are one of the longest modern forms of birth control today. It is a prescription medication of estrogen and progestin. There are many different brands of oral contraception. It is well over 99 percent effective when taken correctly compared to 91 percent. It is very effective when protecting against pregnancy but does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.   Works Cited Greenberg, J. S., Bruess, C. E., & Oswalt, S. B. (2014). Exploring The Dimensions of Human…

If conservatives were interested in lowering the abortion rate, they’d support free birth control. They’re only interested in legislating women

The patch is a contraceptive method used by women. When used correctly has a 90 percent effective rate. It is a prescription medication depending on insurance can be free to 80 dollars. It works similar to birth control pills and prevents the egg from leaving the ovaries. It is an easy to use medication but can come off the skin or user does not use the medication correctly.  Works Cited Planned Parenthood. (unk, unk unk ). Birth Control as a Form of Birth Control . Retrieved April 11, 2015…

The patch is affective if used properly and if you are less then 200 pounds. One advantage is you don't have to remember it everyday. One disadvantage is it can get stuck on clothing and is more visible to everyone

The female condom originated in 1993 and later remade in 2009 for a much cheaper and improved version. It works by putting the barrier side of the condom inside the vagina against the cervix. It may be used 8 hrs. before sex. When used correctly there is 95 percent effectiveness but typical use is closer to 79 percent effectiveness. The advantage is easy to buy with out a prescription and protects against sexual transmitted diseases but is difficult to use without prior knowledge.  Works…

Female Condom Perfect per 100 Typical: N/A Vaginal barrier that covers the cervix Can be inserted prior to intercourse, alternative for people with latex allergy Difficult to insert, noise during intercourse Prescription not needed

Plan B is one of two emergency contraceptive pills. In the book Exploring the Dimensions of Human Sexuality reported an 89 percent success rate when used in the first three days. According to, Plan B can work one of two ways it can delay ovulation or it can interfere with fertilization of the egg. The sooner a woman takes emergency contraception the chances of the medication are increased. This medication is over the counter and even able to buy it on amazon for about 50 dollars…

Judge Permanently Strikes Down Oklahoma’s Age Restrictions On Plan B -- BUT BUT BUT! Jesus don't want no children taking no pills!