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What factors influence your well being
What factors influence your well being
the energy levels of clothing material are shown in different colors and sizes, including green
Energy Levels of Clothing Materials
If everything has a #levelofconsciousness #loc or energy-level, that also applies to clothing. I've made this list based on a couple years of experimenting. You may not agree with everything here, but see it as an invitation to simply experiment for yourself. Also, if you're sensitive to it, you'll notice that certain materials don't mix well, they cancel each other out. Why this matters: Clothing is what you cover yourself with every day.
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the body is like a battery and it's made of cells when you fail to recharge, you're no longer charge and you might get charged with battery and locked up in a prison cell phone
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the energy return on investment chart with two different investments and one is for each other
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Levels of Self
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Reality Creation | Frederick Dodson - Success Coach
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Bible Quotes on Manifesting New Realities Prayers, Psalms, Bible Quotes, Wise, Mark 11 24, To Manifest
Bible Quotes on Manifesting New Realities
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the law of attraction magnets is shown in this graphic, which shows how to use it
Law of Attraction Magnets
three types of people in different colors and sizes, with the words transcend your nature
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a pie chart with the words truth and falsehood of conspraccy theory
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an advertisement for a children's martial tournament with the names of each team and numbers
reality creation live 2018
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