Our Ends Are Beginnings (Showcasing 50 Creative Photo-Manipulations on CrispMe)

Our Ends Are Beginnings - by ParadisiacPicture (pascale) on DeviantArt (Showcasing 50 Creative Photo-Manipulations on CrispMe)

Paint Brushes :: how to use them :: FineCraftGuild.com ( i'd make this into a canvas print for the craft/bedroom)

Paint Brushes

Brush Tutorial - Basics about different kind of fibers, where to use which, and how to maintain your brushes. (The one part of painting I absolutely hate is taking care of brushes!


The next project is surrealism eyes. We will be drawing realistic (not cartoon) eyes in a fantasy like setting. Surrealism is when you add a dream like world in your illustration. Surrealism is more.

Emma Lindstrom - acrylic and spray paint abstract art.

Emma Lindström - Cosmic Compositions painter Emma Lindström creates colorful swirls of awesomeness using a combination of acrylic and spraypaint. Though the artist is from Sweden, her work feels as though it came from an entirely.

Max & Emily's Stone Farmhouse with an Artistic History — House Tour | Apartment Therapy

Max & Emily's Stone Farmhouse with an Artistic History

I like the way it's not all newspaper there a certain amount and a use of different materials

Raven Crow Song - original mixed media painting by by gristello Good idea for an assignment- illustrate a poem/ song collage

How to Use Watercolor Pencils: Color Theory, Mark Making and Blending

Want to learn to use watercolor pencils? With this tutorial you'll learn watercolor pencil techniques and get great tips on color value and color theory.