Random Acts of Kindness

32 Random Acts of Kindness to do with kids. i almost cried reading this and thinking how nice it would be to do all these things :) Need to have the kids pick and do at least one similar thing a week- the world needs more random acts of kindness

Random Acts of Kindness Collection

Funny pictures about 16 Unbelievable Acts Of Kindness. Oh, and cool pics about 16 Unbelievable Acts Of Kindness. Also, 16 Unbelievable Acts Of Kindness.

"Kindness Starts with Me..." <3

Apparently it is Random Acts of Kindness Week. But now seems like an excellent time to teach your children about Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) and

Love this!

I loved this - don't know Robyn but this was cool! 38 random acts of kindness on Robyn's birthday - inspiring idea!

<3 "What's done in secret will be rewarded..."

Integrity Is Doing The RIght Thing When No One Is Watching bottle cap

This happened to me and a friend. We were shocked. O_O We then 'paid it forward' a couple months later! :)

How fun would that be to do for someone? Even paying for the person behind you in the drive-through. Love the whole random acts of kindness thing.

If I had a little boy... I'd pray this would be him. :)

April Together we can do (one million) RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS. That’s one million seeds of beauty, love, freedom and wholeness that will bear fruit for a very hungry world, today!