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Create a Tree-Stump Planter. Easy Upgrades gallery from this old house

88 Quick and Easy Decorative Upgrades

Tree Stump Removal Get rid of tree stumps by drilling holes in the stump and filling them with 100% Epsom salt. Follow with water, and wait. Live stumps may take as long as a month to decay, and start to decompose all by themselves....I wish we knew this when we cut down our trees at the house we're moving out of!

Epsom Salt Formula for Stump Removal | eHow

Potato Towers & Living Fence Posts

Potato Towers & Living Fence Posts!

7 Classic DIY Garden Walkway Projects • Tutorials and Ideas! Including, from 'this old house', a great tutorial on how to lay a classic brick path.

7 Classic DIY Garden Walkway Projects | The Garden Glove

Growing Potatoes in Containers....Straightforward to grow and yielding buckets full of tubers, the potato crop is easily my most eagerly anticipated moment of the kitchen gardening year.....

Growing Potatoes in Containers

backyard ideas budget friendly inspiration, gardening, outdoor living, spas, Hot Tub In Garden Effect

3 Ideas for Budget-Friendly Backyard Escapes

Tomato troubles - diseases and organic remedies. Also a basic companion planting chart.

Organic Tomato Garden Tips

Hellebores- I WANT THESE!

Plants that help your home have fresh air. I need to find these... and learn how not to kill them

Plants that improve indoor air quality - Body Unburdened

This is a good article by Weed 'em & Reap Backyard Farming & Health on the costs of small farming. Don't let it scare you - start your #smallfarm!

How much does it cost to run a small farm? - Weed'em & Reap

Build Your Own Inexpensive Backyard Fire Pit Tutorial. Step by step instructions for creating your own backyard firepit for less than $75.

Easy DIY Inexpensive Firepit for Backyard Fun -

#41 I really like this tutorial. I want this kind of flat stone edge, without the stones standing up, right in front of my fence clear around. This just makes it all cleaner looking I think and keeps the dog from peeing on the fence! "Use cement or stone bricks to edge your garden — the lawn mower can cut right up to the edge! | 41 Cheap And Easy Backyard DIYs You Must Do This Summer"

41 Cheap And Easy Backyard DIYs You Must Do This Summer

"Dividing Perennials" - Which ones benefit from being divided and when and how to divide them...

Dividing Perennials

Tree Pruning

How (and When) to Prune Trees | The Garden Glove

Why a tomato cracks and what to do about it and a lot of other information about caring for tomato plants

Alternative Gardning: Why Do Tomato's Crack

Spray your zucchini plants once a week with a solution of 1 part milk to 9 parts water. You can use any kind of milk available. This will keep your plants from getting powdery mildew, a serious threat to zucchini plants. | eHow

How to Plant Zucchini Plants | eHow

Fall and Winter Growing Guide- Cole Crops, Root Crops, Aliums, Greens, Oriental Greens, Legumes

Fall & Winter Growing Guides

fruit and vegetables to plant in fall, gardening, homesteading, Carrots and most root crops are winter crops in the South


Recognized by the US EPA as an organic treatment for agricultural crops, hydrogen peroxide offers many benefits to gardeners to treat root rot or diseased plants.

Hydrogen Peroxide for Plants

Raised beds are ideal for growing vegetables, fruits and herbs. They provide better drainage on heavier soils and a deeper root run for crops like carrots and potatoes. Raised beds also lift up trailing plants, such as strawberries, which helps to prevent rotting. If you buy fresh topsoil that’s guaranteed weed- and disease-free, your crops will have a better chance of growing well.

A Home for Your Veggies: Make a Raised Garden Bed

Just because the weather is getting cooler and the days shorter doesn't mean your garden is completely done! Common root crops can be planted now and harvested just in time for the first fallen leaves. Of course, check your average first frost date and plan accordingly for that. Beets Beets are delicious, nutritious, and taste [...]

Vegetables You Can Plant Now For An Autumn Harvest

Grow potatoes in a bag.

Good Idea: Growing Potatoes In A Bag

Here's a few plants that can survive a hard winter and some tips for keep them alive. One tip is to keep root crops protected by a think layer of mulch. For mulch, you can use hay, straw, bark and other material.

Survival Gardening: winter hardy food crops |

Get Your Tomatoes off to a Perfect Start Enjoy your best crop of tomatoes yet with these 10 tips to get your tomato plants off to a strong start.

Get Your Tomatoes off to a Perfect Start