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Lets be honest. Niall is the luckiest fan<<< he's the biggest fan of One direction and five seconds of summer

One direction

Even though I only got to watch bits and pieces and watched the whole thing was still literally the best day of my life, I hope it becomes an annual thing.

One direction

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One direction featured in: The Cheetah Girls One World

Niall Horan

Niall carrying Maura (his mum my future mother in law) that's absolutely adorable!

FUN FACT: Did you know snowflakes can get hiccups?? You have to watch REALLLLYYYY CLOSEEE {GIF} OMG.

(GIF) When Niall Horan hiccups, everyone dies from his cuteness. But yeah this GIF is cute so I am pinning it.

Cruisin With My Pal "FAMILY GUY"   ---- Best funny, pics, humor, jokes, hilarious, quotes

Cruisin With My Pal "FAMILY GUY": Finally I had a chance to get out and take a cruisin with my favorite dog look how my muscles flap.